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HarbourSide Backpackers

Tauranga Backpackers Sustainability

Harbourside City Backpackers in Tauranga is an active member of the Bay of Plenty Sustainable Tourism Charter.

Our business is committed in reducing our footprint on the earth. We have been assessed and have implemented measures to decrease waste and be more energy efficient.

We will continue to look at our business and find ways where we can limit our impact on the earth's resources.

At present we:
  • Recycle plastic, cardboard, tin & glass
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Use natural cleaning products
  • Use biodegradable black rubbish bags
  • Send old clothes to Salvation Army
  • Recycle office paper
  • Have flow restrictors on showers and taps
  • Encourage guests to hang bath mats that don't need washing
  • Educate Staff on importance of conserving energy
  • Dispose of edible waste to local pig farmers
  • Participate in the annual “Keep New Zealand Beautiful” CleanUp Week
We hope you also do your part to help keep New Zealand green and save our beautiful world from unnecessary pollution.

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